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Clermont, Florida, is a very interesting city to live in or visit – it has plenty of history to follow and plenty of wonderful things that make it unique still today. The city was originally founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1916, and one of the first constructed landmarks was Citrus Tower, which still stands today.

It resides in Lake County, with an ever-growing population due to its great location and the usability of the land. Surrounded by lakes of all sizes, there’s no shortage of water to use around you, even if it’s about an hour or more away from any coastal beaches. It was founded on its wide span of orange groves and is a picturesque location that captures Florida’s beauty.

Speaking of picturesque, you’d better get out your cameras when you have guests visiting or have them handy whenever you’re out and about. The Waterfront Park offers plenty of recreation along the water’s edge or a great spot for a photoshoot.

Lake Louisa State Park is another destination to set your sights on if you’re searching for more natural beauty. The Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards is great for some grown-up time, and you can take a trip through history at the President’s Hall of Fame. During the right season, you can go blueberry picking – or if you’re hungry, there are plenty of eating options for your family.

The ever-growing city of Clermont is a gorgeous place to live and visit, and we’re happy to offer our services services to residential and commercial properties that need it!

What are some key things to remember about our company?

  • We take care of our military and first responders because we recognize their hard work and dedication.
  • We take cleanliness very seriously and take the time to inspect our dumpsters for damages before you receive them.
  • We may only offer limited services, but that allows us to focus on that service and perfect it.
  • We believe commercial and residential properties should be treated equally and get the attention they deserve.
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What can Yankee Dumpster Rentals do for me and my property?

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Dumpster Rentals

Everyone requires junk removal at some point; there’s no shame in that – but that junk will build up and cause problems on your property if you’re not careful. Suppose you don’t have the time, energy, physical ability, or vehicle to rid your home of that junk at once: you could be in trouble!

Fortunately, a solution is right under your noses: renting a durable, sizable dumpster to care for your problem in one clean go. You can call your local professionals, get the information you need about the process, and soon enough, they’ll bring the dumpster out to you so you can say goodbye to all that wanted junk.

The dumpsters you receive are always clean, in great condition, and large enough to hold the type of junk you’ll get rid of. The great part about this process is residential and commercial properties can utilize it. Mattresses, other furniture, wooden objects, electronics, and other debris can be put in these dumpsters and hauled away, out of your life for good!

Yankee Dumpsters offers its wonderful residential and commercial customers phenomenal dumpster rental services in Clermont, Florida. We aren’t like other dumpster companies; we care a lot about our work and what we can do to make their lives a little easier for our customers. We’re dedicated to supporting our military and providing a level of service that cannot be beaten!

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