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 How to Downsize

People say that the only constant is change. What works for you today won’t necessarily work tomorrow as families grow, disperse, and refine their needs. Early in life, that might mean combining households, getting a larger home, or having children.

Later in life, the reverse is often true. For example, as kids move out and we get older, we sometimes want to avoid taking care of a large home and need less space. And dumpster rental is an invaluable tool for downsizing.

If you’re getting to the point that you’re downsizing because you have fewer people living in your home or you want a simpler life, there are several resources available to you in Orlando, of which Yankee Dumpster is one. So here’s our advice for downsizing.

How Much Space Will You Have?

So you are moving into a smaller home – maybe because the kids moved out, or you just got tired of cleaning a big house! Whatever the reason, if you’re relocating somewhere smaller, you’ll have to think about how much space you’ll have for your possessions.

Unless we’re intentionally living simply, we accumulate a lot over a lifetime. At no time do we notice this more than when we’re moving. Moves often force a revaluation of our possessions even when we’re not going somewhere smaller because no one wants to pack up and transport items they haven’t used in ten years and likely won’t until it’s time to move again!

But when you’re going somewhere smaller, you’ll want to consider the rooms and storage space in the new home before evaluating what to take. For example, when moving from a five-bedroom to a 2, it’s clear that only some furniture will fit.

Cardboard boxes stack up, filled with household clutter from a home in Orlando, FL

What Do You Need?

So what will you need in your new home? That’s the first question to ask. When you know what you need to bring with you and how much space it will take, you can use a little special deduction to find out how much space you’ll have for everything else.

Then you can make the often hard decision of what to bring. Of course, you can’t get by without a bed and will probably want a couch, but what room remains for the things you may or may not use and items of sentimental value?

Let’s Get Sorting!

Once you understand the parameters of your new living situation, you can sort out what you’re bringing from your old living quarters. We’ve discussed sorting before and always recommend dividing items into piles or rooms.


As you decide what you’re bringing with you, put it aside. It helps to label everything and keep items together that will go into the same room. For example, you may put kitchen appliances together, perhaps wrapped in kitchen towels in a box labeled “kitchen.”

But you may not want to pack yet, because, depending on your time frame, it can be valuable to take a second look at what you’re taking. Sometimes we sort in stages as we realize we have more than one of something or that we’ve set aside more than we have space available.

Give Away or Sell

You give family and friends the first crack at anything you’re not keeping. Anything else you don’t want that it’s in good enough condition for someone else to use should be given away or sold.

Orlando has many great thrift stores that give back to the community, like the Russell Home Thrift Store and Out of the Closet, which will pick up large donations right from your home! You can’t beat excellent service that gives back to your community! These stores are a convenient and generous option if you want to avoid going through the trouble of selling your items or don’t need the money.

If you have the time to sell your items, Facebook is an excellent place to list larger items, whereas eBay is typically better for collectibles. Be sure to research market value.


Here’s where Yankee Dumpster Rentals comes in. You will likely find you have accumulated many items that aren’t of value to you or others. When you get a dumpster rental, you can quickly dispose of all of these, getting them out of the way without making multiple trips to the dump.

Large dumpster placed on driveway outside a home in Orlando, FL

Plan Out Your Dumpster Rental

Part of the value of dumpster rental is convenience. If you have a few months to plan your move, you can keep the dumpster as long as you need. Call Yankee Dumpster a best dumpster rental company in Orlando and let us know when you want it delivered and picked up. You’ll also want to decide where you want the dumpster placed for maximum convenience.

Call Yankee for the Win!

Moving is intimidating, particularly if you’re downsizing, but Yankee is here to make it easy as possible with our convenient dumpster rental services in Orlando, Florida. We hope this list helped it feel more manageable, and we look forward to hitting it out of the yard for you!


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