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(Not) Throwing it All Away: Some Things You Can’t Toss

We’re halfway into the first month of the new year, and if your resolution involves decluttering, you might feel the high of gaining more space! But in your giddiness, it’s easy to make a mistake. You can’t throw everything in a dumpster!

Apopka dumpster regulations allow you to throw away most household materials. Still, to ensure you safely use your dumpster rental as intended, today, Yankee Dumpster will share the top items not to throw in your dumpster!

Why Can’t You Throw Away Everything?

Just as you can’t take it with you, you also can’t dump it all.

Part of the appeal of dumpster rental is the ability to get rid of a lot of stuff quickly. But quickly doesn’t mean haphazardly (emphasis on hazard), and putting some items in a dumpster can be dangerous to people or the environment. These are the main reasons some things can’t go in a dumpster.


Some items can hurt people, especially if left unattended. These can either be because they contain caustic chemicals that eventually leak out or because of explosive potential.

Environmental Concerns

Other items, while not directly dangerous to the people around them, can eventually harm us all by either leaching into the soil or through the build-up of methane gas – a significant contributor to global warming.

What Can’t You Put In Your Dumpster Rental?Construction materials in dumpster in Apopka, FL

We’ve given you the broad reasons why items can’t be put in your dumpster rental, but here are some of the primary things you can’t place in your dumpster. This is not a comprehensive list and regulations changes, so when in doubt, ask! Here’s a link to a site where you can find answers to your specific dumping questions.


Home renovations are one of the main reasons that people may rent a dumpster. Most construction materials can go into a dumpster without a problem, including concrete, drywall, and much more. It’s what makes dumpster rental so convenient.

One of the few that can’t is asbestos. For anyone who knows about asbestos, the reason for that is apparent. When someone inhales asbestos, it can be deadly. So there are special procedures for disposing of asbestos to keep everyone safe.

Medical Infectious Waste

Again, the reason for not putting biohazards in your dumpster is human health. You may think this only applies to hospitals, but if you have anyone in your home who uses needles, dialysis, or blood bags, this may apply to you. In addition, animal carcasses fall under this category.


You may have heard that tires can’t go to dumps but do you know why? It’s got nothing to do with the material itself. Instead, it’s its shape!

The space in the tire will cause it to float to the top of garbage dumps! Displacing the other trash will then release pollution into the environment.

Hot Water Heaters

Similar to tires, in the case of water heaters, it’s the space within them that causes the problem. It can build up gases and eventually explode! As you can imagine, that can be very harmful to anyone in the vicinity.

Many ChemicalsHazardous chemicals in Apopka, FL

The number of chemicals that can’t go into a dumpster is vast. We’ll divide it into classes, but this one place where if you don’t see it listed explicitly as ok to dump, you should double-check to make sure it’s safe. Not only will you be fined, but you could cause someone actual harm by tossing the wrong chemical.

You can not put any hazardous material in your dumpster. But what is hazardous? Anything flammable, explosive, deadly, or absorbent falls into that category.

More surprisingly, perhaps – you can’t put in paints, lacquers, inks, and resins. That’s because they stain and damage equipment.

Adhesives are another chemical that can’t go in your dumpster rental! Why? They can bind other waste to your dumpster walls.

Another more surprising chemical you can’t put in a dumpster is household cleaners. Luckily, you can safely pour these cleaners down your drain as you do that every time you clean with them.

Safely Dumping

Although today we focused on what you can’t put in your dumpster, there’s a lot more that you can. Though there may be some surprises, most items you can’t dump can safely be filed under common sense.

If you have questions, remember you’re not on your own! We’re here to assist where we can, and there are people at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection who can also help with any questions or concerns. Visit us at, one of the best dumpster rental companies in the Orlando, Florida for more information.


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