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Not on the coast, but not far from it either; the Ocoee motto is “the center of good living,” and it’s easy to see why. While far enough from the tourist attractions to not be crowded, Ocoee is a short ride to beaches and the theme parks that Orange County, Florida, is famous for. Besides a quick drive to the Disney or Universal theme parks, where many of our residents have season passes, plenty more make Oceoo fun! A small town at heart, we have several weekly and annual family-friendly events. Every year we have the two-day Oceoo Music Fest to celebrate our music and traditions and Spring Fling to spotlight public safety. If you’re looking for something more regular, you can get dinner and a movie at the park during Food Truck Fridays. Or, to get a taste of a bygone era and its architecture, check out the Withers-Maguire House event venue and museum.
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Yankee Hits Dumpster Rentals Scores a Home Run In Ocoee

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Nobody likes cleaning up. Well, almost nobody. But everybody wants to make their lives a little easier. Renting a dumpster allows you to get a lot of work done quickly – no planning out your trash collection or trips to the dump. Instead, toss it all out of your Oceoo home into our convenient dumpsters. Then when you’re finished, we’ll come and pick it up! Easy peasy.


With its mild climate and nearby recreation, Ocoee is a great place to retire. If you’re moving from a larger home to a smaller one, you probably have a lot to sift through. Obviously, you will want to hold onto the family heirlooms and pass them on to the younger relatives. And you’ll have some items you want to keep. But if you’ve lived in the same home for years, you’ll be surprised how much junk you’ve collected.


Sometimes we have more than we need. If that describes you, we have a way to make your life easier. Maybe you just inherited a cluttered space. Perhaps you want to live a simpler life. Whatever your reason, we can rent you the shortcut to being clutter-free. With all the fun Ocoee has to offer, you don’t want clutter blocking your way to enjoying it.


Home renovations are a lot of work, whether hiring contractors or going the “do it yourself” route. And either way, it’s surprising how adding something to your home creates so much waste you have to take away! Building materials take up a lot of space and aren’t always picked up by local trash collection. Dumpster rentals allow you to build at your own pace, keep the dumpster as long as you need, and not clog up the trash trucks.

New Construction

New construction is just as guilty of creating waste as a home renovation. With all the contractors coming in and out as you build a home or business from the ground up, don’t let your construction site get bogged down in the trash. With a dumpster, you can keep it clean and easy.


It’s not just homes that need dumpsters. Businesses arguably need dumpster rentals even more. So whether you’re looking for help with a quick cleanup or need a more long-term solution, Yankee will help figure out your play.

Yankee Dumpers Rentals offers economical dumpster rental solutions to the Ocoee community. Whether you’re moving, building, downsizing, inheriting, or just cleaning up, our dumpster rentals will help you get to the next step. Don’t stress out about how much space the junk you’re removing is taking up as you stage your trips to the dump or plan for multiple trash days.

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