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Renting a Dumpster is a Home Run for Home Remodeling

Sometimes transforming a house into a home continues long after moving in. One of the most exciting aspects of homemaking is remodeling your house to turn it into the home you’ve always wanted.

However, remodeling is also stressful. Unexpected problems arise, the place that makes you feel safe is in disarray, and you feel (and sometimes are) displaced. Unfortunately, we can’t remove all your remodeling stress, but we can reduce it by providing a dumpster.

How will a dumpster help? Well, even if demolition isn’t the primary function of your project, you’d be surprised how much trash building or remodeling produces! And though you may be used to just bringing your trash to the curb in your Sanford neighborhood, that might not be a good option during your project.

Yankee is here to tell you that construction is a whole different ball game.

Why Are You Renting a Dumpster?

There is a good reason for renting a dumpster for a home remodel project. First of all, you will produce a lot of trash. You probably won’t have room for it in your trash cans.

That means you’ll either have to have it sitting in piles until it’s time for pick up or, more likely, you’ll have to make trips to the dump. You want to avoid adding one more step to your project, which will delay returning to having an intact home.

Your home will also already feel less homey. You don’t need giant piles of discarded construction materials sitting inside of it too!

Make A Plan

If you’re remodeling your home, chances are you’re familiar with planning! It’s not a project you start without thinking about every detail beforehand. But you may have yet to plan your junk removal or dumpster rental.

First, did you hire a company to remodel, or are you doing it yourself? Is the company renting a dumpster, or do they expect you to do it? Those are your basic questions.

Where Will You Put It?

Where will you put your dumpster? Unfortunately, location is not as minor of a question as it appears to be – it will affect the smoothness of your project and possibly parking at your home.

You’ll want to put the dumpster somewhere that won’t hurt your vegetation. But you also want it to be easy to access – all while carrying loads of construction materials! That means you’ll want it near the project.

Having the dumpster near your project won’t just save on unnecessary steps back and forth. It also can prevent workers from having to walk through more of your home.

That protects your space, so you’ll have more of your home to yourself and won’t need to worry about anything in your home being damaged by a stray 2 x 4 on its way to the trash.

How Large is the Project?Large dumpster rental in driveway for home projects and cleanouts in Sanford, FL

The size of your project has ramifications beyond budget and comfort. For example, a more extensive project will likely produce more trash. If you’re working with a construction company, they should help you determine how large of a dumpster you’ll need.

How Long Will You Need It?

Another critical question to answer is how long you’ll need the dumpster. The obvious answer might be as long as it takes to finish the project, but sometimes there’s more to it.

If the project is large enough, you may need to have the dumpster picked up and exchanged because of an overabundance of junk. You’ll also need to know at the beginning how long a project will last.

What Goes In?

It’s important to note not everything can go in the dumpster! We wrote a blog about what can and can’t go into your dumpster, but codes and ordinances change. So be sure to check before you dump anything.

A good rule of thumb is that you can’t put it in the dumpster if it’s sticky or toxic. You also can’t put in dirt or biohazard materials.

What Happens When Something Unexpected OccursRenting a dumpster for new home construction in Sanford, FL

Construction is notoriously unpredictable. Sometimes you open up a wall and find something you didn’t know was there! So call Yankee Dumpster when your project gets bigger or lasts longer than you thought it would.

We make it easy to change your dumpster reservation.

Knock it Out of the Yard!

Home remodeling is a complex and often stressful endeavor, but renting a dumpster shouldn’t be. With Yankee, renting a dumpster is a home run for your home construction. Just let us know when you need your dumpster, where to put it, and when to pick it up, and we’ll take care of the rest!


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