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Yankee Dumpster LLC Provides the Best Dumpster Rentals for Residential and Commercial Needs in Apopka, Sanford, and Orlando Along With Many Surrounding Areas

Yankee Dumpster LLC is a reliable team that you can trust to provide you with the best dumpsters in town. Each of our clients is provided with home run service. We go and above and beyond for each of our client’s needs. The dumpsters we supply are the best in town and always in tip-top shape. Folks from Apopka, Sanford, Orlando, and other surrounding areas are never disappointed with our dumpster rentals.

Yankee Dumpster LLC offers super dumpster rentals in Apopka, Sanford, and Orlando, Florida. We provide excellent services with understanding unlike any other. For our first responders and military families, we offer special discounts.

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Dumpsters in Apopka


Apopka is in Orange County, Florida, not to be confused with Orange County, California (we hear this all the time). This city is home to many families, but many untouched natural areas remain. In addition, large areas are protected for their agriculture giving wildlife plenty of space and keeping humans a safe distance away.

Dumpster in Sanford


Sanford is a 145-year-old city that has been transformed many times from simple orange groves farmland to a modern college town. Home to a plethora of state and community colleges and the famous University of Central Florida, there are many opportunities for learning and growing in this town.

Dumpster rentals in Orlando


Orlando, Florida, is located in Orange County. The subtropical city is constantly alive with the hustle and bustle of residents and tourists. The vast variety of activities to engage in during the semi-permanent summer, even during the rain, makes it a desirable climate many wish to experience.

Dumpster rentals in Mount Dora


Mount Dora is a lake town that offers amazing views. The beauty of the pristine lake is unlike any other, with the bluest water that looks like diamonds dancing on the water. Florida has many lake towns, but Mount Dora is among the most desirable because of its great fishing and serene scenery that has been untouched by pollution and development.

Large dumpster parked near business in Clermont, FL


Clermont, Florida, is a very interesting city to live in or visit – it has plenty of history to follow and plenty of wonderful things that make it unique still today. The city was originally founded in 1884 and incorporated in 1916, and one of the first constructed landmarks was Citrus Tower, which still stands today.

Large dumpster parked in residential driveway in Winter Garden, FL


Winter Garden was incorporated in 1903, and prominent figureheads of that time positively impacted the area, such as James L. Dillard. He was a leading cultivator of fruits and vegetables, ran the town’s garage, founded the bank of Winter Garden, and worked as the city commissioner and state legislator.

Dumpster Rental in Ocoee


Not on the coast, but not far from it either; the Ocoee motto is “the center of good living,” and it’s easy to see why. While far enough from the tourist attractions to not be crowded, Ocoee is a short ride to beaches and the theme parks that Orange County, Florida, is famous for. rKyo5H 1 - Yankee Dumpster LLC


What is there to do in Altamonte Springs? You might be surprised to find Lake Lotus Nature Park is a prime gem to explore wildlife, enjoy some hiking, and recharge with the sounds of nature. In this subtropical town, the wildlife is unique, and it is interesting to see different species of exotic animals in their natural habitats. ephw0C 1 - Yankee Dumpster LLC


Near Florida’s central theme park tourism destination of Orlando is the charming city of Winter Park, known for its gorgeous tree-lined brick streets and elegant homes. To understand why Winter Park is a great place to live or visit, walk down Park Avenue, our main street, and enjoy a sampling of everything the town offers. JORwoF 1 - Yankee Dumpster LLC


Most famous for Wekiwa Springs State Park, we’ve been a tourist destination for so long that we remember Disney World’s housewarming party. Here you can enjoy hiking a trail, resting in nature in a hammock, or taking a trip down the river in a kayak or canoe, which are available on site. Cool off in the water or warm up in a spring vent. Pb0nhV 1 - Yankee Dumpster LLC


Pine Hills, Florida, is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford area of Central Florida. Pine Hills is a gorgeous place to reside in part of Orange County, a subdivision of Orange County. The subtropical climate makes it ideal for spending lots of time outdoors soaking up that natural Vitamin D.

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The climate of Eustis, Florida, is hot and wet during the majority of the year. Our climate includes thunderstorms in the summer that can almost be timed every afternoon. Florida is an almost eternal summer that provides you with plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the day!


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