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What About the Stuff You Don’t Throw Away?

At Yankee Dumpster, we deal in the dumpster business. But that doesn’t mean we want to throw everything away. Believe us; there’s plenty of trash without throwing away stuff that doesn’t need to be!

The dumpster rental business is the clean city business, and we’re all about improving the places where we live and work. So, here are some ideas for what to do with items you can’t (or shouldn’t) throw away in Sanford.

Furniture and Household Donations

If you have furniture still in good condition and have the time to find a new home, Yankee is all for that! Whether you want to give it to someone personally or let an organization specifically designed for this handle find the new home for you, donating your gently used items is an excellent alternative to throwing them away.

Social sites like Facebook and Nextdoor have sections for giveaways, but not everyone has time, and some people have safety concerns. However, organizations like Goodwill, Out of the Closet, or local churches may happily take the items off your hands to sell them for a good cause.

Interior of a thrift store with clothes and other items for sale in Ocoee, FL


Clothes don’t fit us forever. Whether it’s a change in style, weight gain or loss, or growing up, sometimes our closets are no longer the best place for our clothing.

Community clothes closets help your clothes find new homes. In addition, the nonprofits mentioned above are good places to donate your gently used closed.

What About Not So Gently Used?

Believe it or not, even well-worn clothing full of holes can be helpful to your favorite nonprofits. That’s because many will bundle all of the textiles that aren’t sellable and sell them to a textile recycler by the pound.

An animal shelter may also have use for worn-out blankets and towels. They use them as bedding (and clean up) for helping dogs and cats.


Plastics, paper, and metal are all commonly recyclable products. Any item that doesn’t go into your trash can also go into your dumpster rental. Most local localities have some form of recycling program. Recycling guidelines often change, so be careful only to recycle items currently recyclable in your location.

In general, you should rinse food off of items before throwing them away. Please only put in things that belong, or it can ruin a whole batch of recyclable products.

Hazardous Waste

We’ve talked to you about items prohibited from being thrown into your dumpster rental. But what can you do with these hazardous household items you can’t throw away?

Luckily, there are alternatives available to you for disposing of household waste. Often electronics stores like Best Buy and others will take your batteries and other electronics.

For items like poisons, paints, cleaners, and paint strippers prohibited from getting thrown away, localities generally have specific sites or events for collecting these products safely. In addition, check your local government’s waste disposal site for policies and ways to dispose of these products without harming your neighbors.


You would be surprised how much use a church or daycare can get from paper towel rolls! If you have the time, ask someone you know who works for places that work with children what items they use for crafts. You may be able to divert some things from a landfill while making some kids very happy!

Dirt and Plants

You are only allowed a limited amount of dirt in your dumpster rental. So what do you do with the extra? Compost is an excellent way to use plant matter, soil, and (nonmeat) leftover food. If you don’t want a compost pile, maybe your neighbor does!

Everything Else Can Go In Your Dumpster Rental

It may seem strange for a dumpster rental company in Orlando to advise you about not throwing things away, but we must all do our part to make our neighborhoods (and neighbors’ lives) a little nicer. But for better or worse, there are still plenty of items to throw out for Yankee to take care of!

Anything that is completely without value belongs in your dumpster! Whether that’s because it’s broken beyond usability, dirty, or unrecognizable, we’re here to help.

Call Yankee Dumpster when you’re doing a home renovation project, rushing to throw away a large volume of items or have a room full of trash for any other reason. We’ll knock it out of the yard!


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