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Winter Garden is the neighbor to Clermont, sharing many of the same types of activities and scenic beauty. It was incorporated in 1903, and prominent figureheads of that time positively impacted the area, such as James L. Dillard. He was a leading cultivator of fruits and vegetables, ran the town’s garage, founded the bank of Winter Garden, and worked as the city commissioner and state legislator.

Interestingly, it’s home to Lake Apopka, the second largest lake in the state, and after a fire tore through downtown, the buildings were quickly restored using bricks instead. This beautiful area is full of amenities and is a great place to settle down with your family and make a life of your own.

You will enjoy the Winter Garden Farmers Market, a fantastic way to support local businesses, along with the Plant Street Market, that’s sure to put a smile on your face. There is the Garden Theater, which may be small but entertains all who visit.

If you enjoy history, you can explore the Winter Garden Heritage Museum or Central Florida Railroad Museum. Plenty of parks are great for capturing natural beauty on camera, and Winter Garden Village is lovely to drive through to shop and dine.

We always enjoy our trips through this city and are more than happy to help the residents and business owners make their properties a better place!


What are some key things to remember about our company?

  • Our rental services are not limited to residential homes – we offer these rentals to commercial properties that also need them.
  • Our service list may be small, but that allows us to spend more time perfecting our craft for our customers.
  • Ensuring our dumpsters are clean after every use is always taken seriously, and we ensure they’re not damaged every time.
  • Our military and first responders mean so much to us, and we take care of them the way they have taken care of us.
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What can Yankee Dumpster Rentals do for me and my property?

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If you’re doing a major cleanout of your home, upgrading your business, or doing any remodeling work, you’re sure to end up with unwanted junk that has to go somewhere. After all, it can’t just sit on your property collecting bugs and water and ruining the curb appeal of your property.

Luckily, you won’t waste any extra time worrying about this problem if you enlist the help of local professionals to provide quality dumpster rentals! These rentals make your life easier, providing a safe place to place that unwanted junk until it’s time to say goodbye.

With our services, you don’t have to take multiple trips to the dump, dirty up your vehicles, or, worst of all, hurt yourself trying to unload all that stuff by yourself! Additionally, you’ll be pleased to find that our dumpsters are durable, sturdy, and always cleaned, so you don’t feel unsafe during the loading process.

Finally, anything you need to go, from mattresses to electronics to old furniture, wood, and more, is good to be placed in our dumpsters and taken away!

As a team, we’re proud to provide our phenomenal dumpster rental services to the people in Winter Garden, Florida. We do our best to set our business apart from the rest, offering quality services with detailed work you’ll appreciate. Every person we encounter will be greeted with professionalism and care – and your home or business will get the attention it deserves!

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